The subject property is located at the intersection of Ngong Road and Elgeyo Marakwet Road in the Kilimani area, with the immediate neighborhood comprising of high-rise apartments to the North with Ngong road to the South. Some of the nearby properties to the proposed plaza include the Applewood Adams, Greenhouse Mall, Adams Arcade, Ntashart Plaza and Shell Petrol Station in Kilimani, Nairobi City County. The proposed site for the project extends to approximately 0.4 hectares (1 acre approx.). It enjoys the advantage of having a secondary access provided via the Kilimani road.”


Property Description

“The project will be a Mixed-Use Development integrating functions such as retail spaces, office spaces as well as providing conferencing and accommodation facilities.  The proposed plaza will host the AOSK Secretariat offices and their ancillary functions. The Plaza will have up to 21 No. Floors with 4 No. basement parking floors holding up to 456 cars.

The plaza will have retail space to the ground up to the 2nd floor providing space to multiple retail tenants such as shops, restaurants among many others.  The 3rd to 17th floor will have office space to one side of the plaza with the other half having conference rooms, training rooms and related facilities such as a chapel, as well as accommodation rooms that will be run by the AOSK secretariat.

The top most floors will be reserved for more private use by the residents, visiting sisters and guests who will enjoy health and wellness facilities such as a gym area, spa, swimming pool and a restaurant.  

To ensure privacy of the secretariat and commercial tenants, the building will have provisions for multiple access points that will serve the two sides of the plaza, with connecting circulation areas which can be controlled to enhance security and privacy. To ensure fire safety, doorways separating these functions are connected to the fire escape staircases.

The building will be provided with high-speed lifts and staircases on both sides of the building for vertical movement within the building.”