The ICT department is instrumental in enabling effective communication, managing and securing data, maintaining IT infrastructure, providing technical support, and driving digital transformation within the Association. Its expertise and efforts are essential for the smooth functioning and technological advancement of the association as a whole.

Sister Florence Isuli,SMMG



To foster mutual support and promote holistic formation of women religious for authentic witness through sustainable programs in collaboration with stakeholders


A dynamic association of empowered prophetic women Religious Living the Gospel values


An informed Society living Gospel Values

Core Values

  • Respect and  diversity
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Charity
  • Prayer


Digital Transformation

The ICT Department aims to spearhead the digital transformation of the Association, integrating modern technologies to streamline processes, reduce paperwork, and enhance overall efficiency. This includes the adoption of digital tools for record-keeping, communication, and collaboration.

Capacity Building

Recognizing the importance of digital literacy in the 21st century, the ICT Department is committed to empowering members of the Association with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate and leverage digital tools effectively. Training programs and workshops will be organized to ensure that all members can harness the full potential of available technologies.

Collaborative Technology Solutions

The ICT Department aims to implement collaborative platforms that encourage teamwork and information sharing among members. This includes the introduction of collaborative document editing tools, project management software, and other solutions that enhance teamwork.

Innovation and Research

Encouraging a culture of innovation is central to the ICT Department's goals. It will actively explore emerging technologies and trends, conducting research to identify opportunities for technological innovation that can positively impact the Association's mission and activities.

Enhanced Communication

Fostering improved communication within the Association and with external stakeholders is a key objective. The ICT Department seeks to implement robust communication systems, including email platforms, intranet solutions, and other tools that facilitate seamless information flow.

Data Security and Privacy

As custodians of valuable organizational data, the ICT Department places a high priority on ensuring data security and privacy. Robust cybersecurity measures will be implemented to safeguard sensitive information and protect against potential cyber threats.

ICT Infrastructure Development

The department will work towards establishing a robust ICT infrastructure that supports the evolving needs of the Association. This involves the procurement and maintenance of hardware, software, and networking solutions that form the backbone of the organization's technological ecosystem.