AOSK Units

This is the representation of the Association of sisterhoods of Kenya at the Diocese level and the apostolic arm of the Association at the witnessing point.

It is composed of members of different congregations serving in different ecclesiastical areas who have formed this oneness while retaining their autonomy and they are coordinated from the member services and programs office at the national level. We have 25 units spread all over the Catholic Dioceses in Kenya.

Our Purpose:

  • To promote the Spiritual welfare and development of the Women religious in every diocese.
  • To foster inter-communication and cooperation between the member- communities with due respect for autonomy to their own spirit and charism.
  • Promote team work – United we stand as a sign of God’s presence bringing about ownership of the Association by all members.
    All the units have 4 leaders who coordinate the activities within the unit.


At least each unit has three activities every year though they can be more depending on the creativity of the leaders and the desires of the members

Sr. Juliana Ndunge ,LSOSF

Coordinator AOSK-UNITS

Our Activities


Sisters meet to share their experiences and strengthen each other. They also organize special events to take care of their wellbeing like health days.

Acts Of Mercy

The sisters do a lot of mercy activities besides their normal apostolates. This helps them to reach out to the most needy and vulnerable of the society. They visit the prisoners, orphans and even street families to encourage them.

Spiritual Activities

The sisters organize for prayer days and recollections where they invite facilitators for spiritual inputs, confessions and Mass. This helps them to keep focused on their spiritual life and add value to their vowed life. After giving themselves to the needs of others they need some time with the Lord to refill their energy in the spirit.

Environmental Days

For many years the sisters have always been working towards care for the environment. Every year they set aside a day for this activity. They will either clean a certain area that is not well kept in the society by through their own initiative or join organized environmental forums. Many times they plant trees or do environmental cleaning

Capacity Building and Empowerment

The sisters plan for their capacity building activities and invite experts to share with them different topics of interest. This may include spiritual aspects as well as service related topics. Some of the topics include spirituality, servant leadership, child protection and human trafficking among others. There has been capacity building on servant leadership skills at the unit level.