Leading And Serving Where The Needs Are The Greatest

While Africa is a continent of vast potential, it currently faces serious obstacles of poverty, chronic hunger, disease, ecological degradation, and violence. Catholic women religious are a strong force in harnessing that potential, addressing these issues and offering hope for the future. 


Our Programs

Programs and Services offered by AOSK

AOSK Catholic Care for Children in Kenya

AOSK-CCCK champions for the right care and protection of children in promoting family and community-based care for holistic child development.

Tumaini Centre

The Centre is located along Adams Arcade Elgeyo Marakwet Road. It offers conference spaces, Accomodation,outdoor meetings, computer training, a chapel for prayers, and a bakery. It also offers outdoor catering.

Justice and Peace Commission

It aims at a just and peaceful society in which the dignity of the human person is reverenced, human rights upheld and where the interconnectedness of all creation enables people to live in harmony.


It aims at enhancing Sisters’ capacities to positively impact the lives of the children they serve, and to be better positioned to continue and expand quality Early Child Development interventions in the future. AOSK coordinates the project across 9 Congregations.

Chemichemi Ya Uzima Institute

Based in Karen, this college is a magnificent place with spacious, modern facilities and a serene environment, a place to rest and rejuvenate and to do studies in a beautiful and quiet. It offers both online and physical learning

AOSK Units

It is composed of members of different congregations serving in different ecclesiastical areas who have formed this oneness while retaining their autonomy and they are coordinated from the member services and programs office at the national level. We have 25 units spread all over the Catholic Dioceses in Kenya.

ASEC Kenya

ASEC aims to create an education pipeline for Catholic sisters in Africa, whereby sisters can complete one ASEC program and potentially enter into another program that builds upon the skills and education they already received.

AOSK Communication

The department’s Main aim is to Coordinate communication activities within the organization and also ensure that it is increasing the organization awareness to the wider public.

AOSK Sisters Led Youth Empowerment Initiative

AOSK SLYI focuses on enhanced skills development and job-creating opportunities for vulnerable and disadvantaged youth aged 15-25 years old

Health Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya

The sisters engage on day-to-day implementation of health-related human development aspects aimed at improving the lives of the disadvantaged and the vulnerable in areas where the government has not been able to reach or is overwhelmed.

AOSK Insurance Agency

The Insurance aims to ensure that our clients are adequately supported and insured, by providing professional advice and the best personalized service at all times. Remain innovative, reliable and competitive.


The ICT department is instrumental in enabling effective communication, managing and securing data, maintaining IT infrastructure, providing technical support, and driving digital transformation within the Association.

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Support our Cause

The Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya (AOSK) is an umbrella body of women religious in Kenya founded in 1962, with a membership of 167 congregations, representing over 8,000 across the country. AOSK envisions remaining a dynamic association of empowered prophetic women religious living Gospel Values. It works to pursue her main mission to foster mutual support and promote holistic formation of women religious for authentic witness, through sustainable programs in collaboration with stakeholders. Our programming areas include Justice and Peace, early child Development, Childcare and protection, Women empowerment (Livelihoods), youth empowerment, and empowerment of vulnerable and marginalized populations in informal settlements, education for sisters, formation, healthcare and counter-human trafficking. The association consolidates efforts by creating synergy to empower vulnerable populations including children, youth, women, elderly, persons living with disabilities and marginalized communities. We invite contributions and donations from groups and individuals who wish to support our mission, in transforming lives. As Pope John Paul II said, “Nobody is so poor that he has nothing to give, and nobody is so rich that he has nothing to receive”. Every cent Counts in our mission.