A Journey Home: Reuniting Children with Families through Collaborative Efforts

In the heart of Eastern Africa, a transformative collaboration emerged between the Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya –Catholic Care for Children in Kenya (AOSK-CCCK) and the Association of Member Episcopal Conferences in Eastern Africa (AMECEA) Social Communication Department. Their joint mission was to advocate for and implement the Comprehensive Catholic Care for children (CCC) movement […]


The other time we reflected as to why there should be rules in Church community. Today’s topicreflects upon the purpose, scope, function and nature of Canon Law in the Church as a society.G.J. Woodall outlines the purpose of Canon Law as to; assist the Church in fulfilling its taskwhich is to reveal and communicate God’s […]


The Roman Catholic Church is a highly organized community of religious belief, worship, witness, and action.  ‘Canon Law’ is the name for its Church order and discipline, its structures, rules, and procedures. [James A. Coriden, An Introduction to Canon Law, Revised (New York: Paulist Press, 2004), xi]. The question is “why should there be rules […]

Understanding More about Non-Communicable diseases

NCDs are non-communicable diseases also known as chronic illnesses that are long-term in nature. They have no proper cure, are progressive and life limiting. Additionally, NCDs are terminal illnesses that can lead to death. There are many factors that cause NCDs; the studies have shown that NCDs are as a result of a combination of […]

Catholic Sisters to Implement Six-Months COVID-19 Prevention & Vaccine Awareness Campaign

The Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya (AOSK) has launched a six-months COVID-19 Prevention and COVID-19 Awareness Campaign to encourage communities to get vaccinated and embrace other preventive measures. Through funding from the Hilton Foundation, 80 sister-run health facilities spread across the country will participate in this campaign with the goal to ensure Catholic nuns champion […]

One on One with Sister Regina Nthenya, Project Manager, AOSK Health Networks Project

 Regina Nthenya is sister of St Joseph Mombasa. She’s the Manager of the Association of Sisterhoods in Kenya (AOSK) Health Networks Project that has been implementing the COVID-19 Prevention and Vaccine Awareness Campaign funded by the Hilton Foundation. In this article, Sister Regina shares more about this Campaign and how it has been complementing the […]

AOSK Trains Lab Technicians on Antigen Diagnostic Testing for COVID-19

On September 17th 2021, the Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya (AOSK) held an Antigen Rapid Diagnostic Testing (RDT) for COVID-19 training for 18 lab technicians working in sisters-run health facilities in Kenya. The 18 were among 1,500 frontline health workers (including sisters) who are set to benefit from various trainings meant to build their capacity […]